How to prevent cataracts?

Overall, we have no direct influence over the development of cataracts, although attention is paid to possible negative factors, such as sunlight UV radiation and environmental factors (e.g. Smoking cigarettes).

A reasonable and effective protection against cataracts involves following sysstemic prophylaxis principles. Rozsądna i efektywna ochrona przed zaćmą starczą polega na stosowaniu zasad profilaktyki ogólnoustrojowej.

The prophylaxis principles are as follows: Zasady profilaktyki są następujące:

  • lead a healthy lifestyle, forgoing alcohol, tobacco products, frequent drinking of tea and coffee ,
  • following an appropriately active lifestyle, regular sleep schedules, meal times, etc.
  • reduce fat intake, eat mainly unsaturated plant-based fats with a minor amount of saturated animal-based fats .
  • Consume more vegetables, particularly green and yellow (containg high amounts of chlorophyll and carotenoids), berries, apples, and citrus fruits. s
  • drink higher quality water and both fruit and vegetable juices.

Despite following all above recommendations, the nutritional compounds present in ingested foods will still be insufficient to balance natural deficiencies in the bodies of the elderly.


Cataract removal

Qualifying examination

295 PLN

Procedure cost

from 2500 PLN