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Presbyopia is nothing other than the loss of the eye’s accommodation ability.
Though this problem might seem as the concern of the elderly, the first symptoms may begin occurring as early as your forties.
It is a critical moment to the condition of our intraocular lens. Despite the youthfulness of the rest of our bodies, we are unable to avoid the physiological process of certain eye elements ageing.

A bit of theory

One of the more important functions of the lens is accommodation. The ability to change shape, and in consequence the focusing power, so that objects places close by can be focused on the retina.

Accommodation only works one way: the lens becomes more convex, therefore allowing to see up close: reading, writing, using the computer or phone. The process of changing the lens shape is possible thanks to ciliary muscles, zonule, and the lens capsule.

Why does it appear so quickly?

Unfortunately, most of us work in ways which negatively impact our eyesight, and every day we overuse the eye’s accommodation. We concentrate our vision mainly in short distance – Working on computers, tablets, smartphones, documents, notes, everyday activities which require our focus on items 30 to 50 cm away.

At that time, all previously mentioned eye elements remain, much like ourselves, in labour, which means straining for long hours. As a result of today’s lifestyle, presbyopia often appears before 40-th year of age, as a result of eye exhaustion. Extended effort on the part of muscles, zonula, lens capsule, and the lens itself result in a weakening accommodation. The lens becomes less elastic with age, as more and more layers grow over it (the lens grows throughout our lives), muscles and zonulas weaken. 

Presbyopia – symptoms

The first symptoms are very prosaic – vision and screen or book text becomes blurred. Initially, we dismiss the problem, we deem it simple fatigue. As years pass and eye accommodation weakens, we need to move up-close objects further and further away to maintain acute vision.

Depending in any given person’s physiology, noticeable symptoms may occur just after hitting forty, or later, in their fifties. Nevertheless, everybody notices the eyes’ diminished accommodation sooner or later.

Treating presbyopia (correction)

It’s unfair that eyes fall victim to physiological processes so much faster. We are in the prime of our personal, work, and social lives, and glasses restrict us. That is why we search for solutions, to be free from any optical aids. Among all available vision correction methods, we highlight an excellent alternative to our own accommodation. Refractive lens replacement is ever more popular in Poland, which should please all those struggling with presbyopia, because it provides many innovative possibilities. Chief of all, it allows for eliminating vision defects at a very wide range, more of which is written here

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