Laser presbyopia correction – Presbyond®

The Presbyond ® treatment makes laser vision correction the ideal method of removing the need for glasses from everyday life and makes it available for a wider group of patients. This method helps even those presbyopic patients, for whom the only solution until now was refractive lens replacement.

The Presbyond® laser correction is designed for patients with hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism, who can no longer manage with a single pair of glasses. These patients often have to deal with deteriorating close vision, or eye and head aches after intensive office work. Some of them choose a separate pair of glasses specifically for up-close work. Others still will remove glasses which served perfectly well in, for example, car journeys; but interfere with reading or computer use. For these patients, the Presbyond® treatment is the perfect solution.

Presbyopia laser vision correction Presbyond® aims to provide sharp vision at all distances: close, mid-range, and far. Current laser vision correction methods could not provide this result for patients with presbyopia.

The Presbyond® treatment is an advaced form of FemtoLasik; we are basing our efforts ona well-known method with proven long-term results. The traditional FemtoLasik treatment corrects both the left and right eye to perfect viewing objects near and far for patients without presbyopia. This is a solution for people who manage with only one pair of glasses. What happens then, when for far- and near-sight we need two pairs, or progressive lenses? The latest Presbyond® treatment corrects vision in such a way, that the dominant eye achieves better far sight, and the other eye, better near sight. In midrange (so called „connection zone”), both eyes achieve good vision. Thanks to the connection zone, the brain can easily connect images from both eyes into one three-dimensional image; and sharp vision is achieved and maintained at every viewing distance.

The Presbyond® laser vision correction treatment is preceded by a precise qualifying examination, thanks to which we can individually adjust the treatment to each patient. Similarly to most cases of FemtoLasik, patients experience a considerable improvement in far- and near sight on the next day following the procedure.