Lens selection

At this time, ophthalmic surgeons and patients have a wide selection of artificial intraocular lenses, designed for implantation in place of the cloudy lens. Individual models differ from each other in shape and construction material. Depending on the patient’s individual needs and preferences, the new lens may be single- or multifocal. The highest quality ones allow the patient to permanently cease wearing glasses.

The selection of optimal lenses is crucial to the decision of cataract surgery. The benefits of choosing a Premium group lens include a UV filter protecting the retina from radiation, correcting visual defects such as myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia.

The final choice of lens always belongs to the patient – our experts pay close attention to their individual needs and expectations regarding vision quality post-treatment. The patient always makes the decision after an in-depth conversation with the doctor at the end of the examination. The expert offers advice and suggests optimal solutions, which take into consideration the state of the eye, the severity of disease, and financial investments which the patient is willing to make when deciding on the lens.

Alcon company’s Verion Image Guided System is a diagnostic tool, which allows precise corneal parameter measurements. Following that, the power of the implantable lens is calculated individually based on said parameters. In other words, this system allows us to present the patient with the most fitting lens and outline an expected effect of the treatment. Using the latest technology, we are capable of precisely planning the correction of corneal astigmatism in the form of calculating the strength of a toric lens, and making relieving incisions. Data from the Verion measuring device is sent into the operating room, which allows the surgeon to perform precise implantations using their equipment to its fullest extent. The Verion system allows for adjusting the lens to best resolve the eye defects.


Cataract removal

Qualifying examination

295 PLN

Procedure cost

from 2500 PLN