The patient’s tasks

Making an appointment

The patient’s tasks begin with arranging a visit in our clinic. Communicating with our staff, together we will arrange a suitable appointment.

Qualifying examination

The purpose of the qualifying examination is a thorough patient testing and the selection of an optimal, individually fitted lens.

A time period of 1-3 hours should be allocated for the cataract removal treatment. The appointment will begin with a medical interview and filling out a questionnaire. This should take approx. 10-20 minutes. If there had been tests performed prior to the treatment, please bring their results to the qualifying examination.

The qualifying examination procedure is divided into two parts:

  • optometrist testing
  • doctor testing

Optometrist testing

Intended to perform diagnostic and measurement tests:

  • IOL Master – optical biometry, during which the initial lens strength calculations are made
  • Verion – an advanced implant aid, performing measurements before the implantation – keratometry and conjunctiva vessel imaging, as well as the second lens strength calculation
  • Oculyzer – advanced corneal topography with analysis of both corneal membranes and an initial evaluation of the frontal segment
  • OCT Dri Triton – Rear segment OCT: macula evaluation, optic disc evaluation
  • Specular microscopy – corneal endothelium cell examination
  • Autorefractometry (Nidek/Retinomax) – objective refraction measurement
  • Ocular Response Analyzer ORA – air puff  tonometer with corneal histeresis analysis  – intraocular pressure measurement
  • Focometer – Diopter measuring –  measuring lens strength for far- and nearsight glasses

Medical consultation

Starting with a broad-spectrum medical interview. Next, an expert will begin a detailed patient examination with a slit lamp.
The next stage of medical consultation is:

  • Informing the patient about the proposed treatment, and the process of the procedure
  • Implanted lens selection and a conversation with the patient
  • Issuing documents for the patient to familiarise themselves with, pre-surgery recommendations, and prescriptions  for necessary medication

Arranging a cataract removal appointment

Treatments in our clinic take place without queues. The sole reason for treatment delay is the acquisition of specialist lenses. Despite our large supply of lenses in the clinic, there is a possibility of needing separately ordered lenses for certain treatments. This happens particularly when selecting our Premium line lenses, which require a high degree of customisation.

Cataract removal procedure

After arranging an appointment, make your way to our clinic with a companion. The procedure itself takes less time than the qualifying examination. During the procedure, we can operate on both eyes simultaneously. Should the patient decide to treat a single eye on a given day, the other one would be operated on with a week’s break.

Post-treatment control check-up

The following day after the procedure, we conduct the first control check-up, during which the doctor examines the effects of the procedure. The second check-up takes place approx. A week after the procedure. The third check-up takes place about a month after the procedure.


Cataract removal

Qualifying examination

295 PLN

Procedure cost

from 2500 PLN