Dry Eye Syndrome – prices
in Krakow and Warsaw

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Opthtalmic examination in the „DES” set

70 €

  • Opthalmic examination + tear film examination + Meibom gland evaluation

Tear film + Meibom gland evaluations – Lacry Diag

30 €

interferometria, tear meniscus measurement, tear film split timing – Lacry Diag

Diagnostic examination + „Parasol” type plug insertion

130 €

Price for two parts: 750 zł

„Parasol” type plug insertion without a diagnostic examination

85 €

Price for two parts: 550 zł

Diagnostic examination + hydrogel plug insertion (Form Fit or Flow Control)

85 €

Price for two parts: 920 zł

Hydrogel plug insertion (Form Fit or Flow Control) with no examination

120 €

Price for two parts: 720 zł

* Prices given in euro are guiding and are dependent on the value of the euro on the day of payment for service

What is included in the price of the procedure?

  • All pre-treatment consultations and materials.
  • The cost of a single control checkup. The price of a second and third check-up is 25€ per visit.
  • Anesthesiological care pre-, during, and post-treatment.