Removal of cataracts with lens implantation
– prices in Krakow and Warsaw

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Qualifying examination

399 zł

  • Medical interview
  • Corneal topography (IOL Premium)
  • Intraocular pressure
  • Verion
  • Visus s.c. i c.c.
  • OCT
  • Endothelium cell density
  • Tropicamid 1% drop administration (following doctor’s suggestions)
  • Optical Biometry
  • Medical consultations

BASIC package

3000 zł

Single vision lens:

  • Alcon SA60AT

Price for one eye.


4900 zł

Single vision lens:

  • Alcon IQ
  • Alcon Clareon
  • Zeiss CT LUCIA
  • Cutting Edge Synthesis

Price for one eye.

COMFORT package

5600 zł

Single vision lens with deepened depth of field

  • Johnson & Johnson Tecnis Eyhance

Price for one eye.

TORIC package

5800 zł

Single vision toric lens

  • Alcon SN60Atx
  • Zeiss AT TORBI 709M / MP
  • Cutting Edge Synthesis Toric

Price for one eye.

TORIC PLUS package

6500 zł


8500 zł

Multifocal lenses

  • Alcon Panoptix TFNT00
  • Zeiss Lisa Tri AT LISA tri family AT LISA tri839MP

Price for one eye.

EDoF package

8500 zł

EDoF lens

  • Zeiss AT LARA 829 MP
  • Alcon Acrysof® IQ Vivity®

Price for one eye.


9500 zł

Multifocal toric lenses

  • Alcon Panoptix Toric TFNT20-60
  • Zeiss Lisa Tri: AT LISA tri tori939M / MP

Price for one eye.

EDoF TORIC package

9500 zł

EDoF toric lenses

  • Zeiss AT LARA toric 929M / MP
  • Alcon Acrysof® IQ Vivity® Toric

Price for one eye.


4500 zł


4900 zł

Coiled cataract treatment surcharge

500 zł

Recuring cataracts – YAG procedure

450 zł

Price per eye

* Prices given in euro are guiding and are dependent on the value of the euro on the day of payment for service

What is included in the price of the procedure?

  • All pre-treatment consultations and materials.
  • The cost of a single control checkup. The price of a second and third check-up is 150 PLN per visit. Post-treatment checkup along with a choice of glasses – 250 PLN.
  • Toric lens implantation aided by the VERION precision system.
  • Anesthesiological care pre-, during, and post-treatment.