Keratoconus symptoms

Keratoconus does grow, but usually very slowly. It can also halt at any stage: moderate or serious. As the affliction progresses, the cornea becomes more and more swollen.

Subjective keratoconus symptoms:

  • Rapidly growing astigmatism and myopia in a single eye
  • Rapidly progressing blurring, image distortion in a single eye
  • Halo effect around light sources
  • Image blurring
  • Multiple vision
  • Vision reterioration at night
  • Photophobia (hypersensitivity to light) Itching and red eye, frequent rubbing of the eyes
  • Rarely the first symptom is a so called „acute cone” – sudden blurred vision and eye pain, which can remain for weeks

Keratoconus treatments

Qualifying examination

350 PLN

Procedure cost

from 2500 PLN