How does the laser vision correction procedure work?

Irrespective of the chosen method of vision correction, the patient preparation and their stay in the surgery room is very similar and lasts several minutes.

The main procedure of laser vision correction is undergone with local anesthesia, and the patient remains in constant contact with the doctor, who keeps them up to speed on the state of the procedure. The use of anesthetic drops ensures the treatment is completely painless.

During the treatment, the patient is placed on a special bed, an element of the laser set, and their head rests on a pad which prevents unnecessary movement. The eyelids are immobilized using a special spreader.

If the treatment is using the FemtoLASIK method, the first use of the femtosecond laser creates a corneal “flap”. The patient remains on the bed, which moves underneath the second, excimer laser. This one corrects the visual defect. Following that, the surgeon places the flap back in its place. The laser used during the procedure is exceptionally precise. The EyeTracker system is constantly monitoring the eye’s position and changes the direction of the beam after even the slightest twitch of the eyeball. There is no risk of the laser aiming in a different direction.

In the case of the SMILE method, the whole treatment takes place with the use of one laser – VisuMax. In the span of several seconds, the laser creates a micro-lens inside the cornea, which is removed by the surgeon through a delicate incision on its exterior layer.

Both procedures last several minutes, and for about 30 minutes post-procedure the patient remains in a resting room. Following that, the doctor checks on the eyes’ state and gives the patient information regarding the effects of the treatment, check-up visit dates, and any further recommendations.

Laserowa korekcja wzroku

Laser vision correction

Qualifying examination

290 PLN

Treatment’s cost

from 6400 from 3900 PLN