Keratoconus diagnosis and treatment
– prices in Krakow and Warsaw

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Cornea package

350 zł

  • Medical interview Corneal Topography Intraocular pressure Pupil width Visus s.c. i c.c. + Pinhole test Tropicamid 1% drop administration (following doctor’s suggestions) Medical consultations

Intacs ring implantation

5900 zł

Procedure performed with a femtosecond laser and spot anestesia


3500 zł

Procedure used mainly in mid-advanced stages of keratoconus

Cross Linking

2500 zł

Through saturation and illumiantion of the cornea it builds new collagen links, preventing the development of keratoconus

Cross linking following Topoguided procedure

1500 zł

Cross Linking TE

2500 zł

5500 zł

Hybrid lenses

1100 zł

Miniscleral lenses

od 1200 zł

* Prices given in euro are guiding and are dependent on the value of the euro on the day of payment for service

What is included in the price of the procedure?

  • All pre-treatment consultations and materials.
  • The cost of a single control checkup. The price of a second and third check-up is 40€ per visit. Checkup after 7 months from date of treatment – 50€