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Vidium Medica Ophthalmological Center

Each medical center has its amazing history. Our storu is inseparably connected with the history of Cracow and the development of Cracow’s optics. As an ophthalmological center, Vidium Medica operates since 2011.We have developed modern procedures in the laser correction of vision defects and in the treatments of most diseases of the anterior segment of the eye, including treatment of cataracts.We quickly gained recognition among Patients from Poland and abroad. We have become one of the most-visited private eye centers in the country.

We combined three key competences – experience, technology and individual approach. That allows us to better understand needs and expectations of our patients.We understand the concerns, doubts and fears that could be associated with medical procedures, which is why we together on every stage take care of the comfort and safety of Patients.Investments in the latest technologies and equipment allow us to provide quick and comprehensive diagnostics. Which result in EFFECTIVE treatment.We specialize in laser refractive surgery, modern method of cataract removal and refractive lens replacement as well as in the treatment of keratoconus.WE LISTEN but above all, WE SEE each patient.


In the Vidium Medica clinic we employ specialists with extensive experience. Each member of our team focuses on a specific group of problems related to the anterior and posterior segment of the eye. To extend our knowledge is our priority and to reach that we are regularly trained in laser vision correction techniques by Alcon specialists. We aim to be the best centre in Poland which performs laser vision correction and of cataract and keratoconus surgeries.

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